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About me

Hey there!

I'm Shivani, a current Master's student in Human-Computer Interaction.

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Animation and have a deep passion for design in all its forms. My curiosity has driven me to explore various art forms, and I have a particular admiration for user research and design, especially in "finding solutions through art".

My design sensibility fuels my ambition to integrate these skills into the realm of UX. Immersing myself in design challenges in this environment has significantly enhanced my ability to understand and meet user preferences more effectively.


More about me

More about me


A few skills I picked over the years


User Interaction Designer/Researcher

As a Human-Computer Interaction student, I have primarily focused on user research and development. Engaging in assignments and collaborating with real-life clients has further honed my skills in this field.


Graphic Designer

I have a strong passion for both digital art and graphic design, as I thoroughly enjoy blending various design elements to create fresh and visually appealing compositions. My love for these fields is particularly evident in my enthusiasm for working with colors and ensuring proper perspective in my creations.


3D Design

My undergraduate degree in Animation has significantly contributed to my proficiency in 3D work. The ability to bring fictional objects to life through modeling, texturing, and animation has been a source of immense joy for me since the beginning.

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